Q: When is the Club open?

A: Please see the Home Page for full details and for our fees, please visit our Fees Page.

Q: Do I need to have a child at the school to use the Club?

A: No. However they do need to be in Reception to Year 6. And you will be responsible for organising travel to the school.

Q: Can I only use the Club on the days I have booked?

A: Extra and ad-hoc days are possible, subject to availability.

Q: How do the children spend their time?

A: We offer a child-led play environment. For details of our Play Policy please see our Policy and Procedures Folder at club . Policies and procedures will be available to view on line shortly. During Holiday Club & Inset Day Club we do offer a variety of planned activities in addition to the normal play opportunities.

Q: What is your partnership with the school?

A: We work in close partnership with the school. And provide an invaluable service to parents.

Q: Do you provide food at the Club?

A: Breakfast is provided at Breakfast Club, and a small snack is provided after school.

Q: Why are you a registered charity?

A: We are proud to be non-profit making, that enables us to offer affordable childcare and invest any profits back into the club.